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Health tips for patients with Tailbone Pain

 Coccygodynia (Tailbone Pain) can result from a fall or other trauma onto the very bottom part of your spine. Such trauma can bruise the connective tissue that surrounds the bone, causing pain. Falls onto the tailbone can either fracture the bone or dislocate it.

 Since, tailbone injuries can be painful, conservative home-treatment is used to reduce pain and help you avoid further injury as you heal.

 1.Cryotherapy: Applying ice to your tailbone may help in relieving pain and reduce inflammation. The first 48 hours after an injury are crucial and one should apply an ice pack once every hour. Wrap the ice in a towel to make the ice pack and apply it to your tailbone for 20 minutes at a time. After 48 hours reduce the frequency of icing to three times daily.

2.Properly aligned postures: Poor sitting postures majorly contribute to tailbone pain. Try sitting upright, with your core engaged, your neck straight, and your back slightly arched. If your pain increases when getting up from a sitting position, lean your body forward and arch your back before standing.

 3.Use special cushions: Ask your doctor to recommend cushions that are designed especially for patients with tailbone pain. This will help relieve the pain and provide more comfort while sitting down. We do not recommend cushions that are shaped like a doughnut which are not helpful for most patients, as they are designed to relieve pressure on the genitals rather than the tailbone.

 4.Hot fomentation: Applying heat to the tailbone area helps in relieving the pain. Continue the use of a heating pad for 4 short sessions each day. Try a hot bath if you do not have access to a heating pad.

 5.Rest and recovery: In case, you have a tailbone fracture, rest will be the integral cure for a fracture. Since, there is no cast that can be placed on the tailbone, you will just have to rest and avoid any strenuous activities for about 8 to 12 weeks. If you have a physical job, you will have to avoid or arrange for something else while your body heals. 6.Proper diet: Some people experience pain while defecating as a result of tailbone pain. Avoid constipation by incorporating healthy diets that contain plenty of fiber and fluids. If necessary, take mild stool softeners

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