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Ergonomic tips to reduce the injuries

1.Position your computer monitor such that your eyes are in level with the screen head, raising or lowering it as and when necessary. Particularly, a bespectacled person should check with their therapist about lowering the monitor to avoid a crooked neck.

 2. Make sure that the weight of your arm is supported at all times so that your wrists remain flat and use a wrist rest so your hands and wrists remain relaxed.

 3.Keep your feet flat on the floor. If your feet don’t reach, use a footrest.

 4. Don’t slouch as it increases the pressure on the discs and the vertebrae of your back.

 5.Rest your back because it’s very important to have adjustable chairs while we are sitting. Especially, back of the seat  which  should have both a height-adjustable lumbar support to fit the curve of your lower back, and a tilt feature that allows you to move easily while being supported in all positions.

 6.Stand and stretch your back and arms as often as possible.

 7.You should be very careful while lifting weight from the floor as it tends to strain the structures in the lumbar spine. Ergonomic lifting techniques are helpful while lifting weight as they make you position your foot diagonally. They also help you get as close to the load as possible.

 8.Worksite Evaluation and Job Design by the therapists is of utmost importance in order to avert any kind of ergonomic problems.

 9.One of the best ways to prevent injury, discomfort and fatigue is to take an ergo break. An ergo break is a pause or change in activity that allows the mobile muscles, joints and tissues to recover and rest.

10.Education and Training Process of the Employees is essential. Employees should be trained on all aspects of human performance, including ergonomics, principles of musculoskeletal injury prevention and individual health and wellness.

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