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From Acute Problems to Chronic Pain
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Everybody is a unique human being

Your symptoms, your body structures including your age related changes, your goals and functional abilities, your beliefs and emotions about your body and health, how you use your body in daily life, in sports, at the workplace, all of this is individual to you. To utilize this treasure of your abilities, we provide you proper guidance.

We at HEALEN embrace your uniqueness.

Our multidisciplinary teams have successfully treated more than 30.000 patients with orthopaedic and neurologic disorders in our treatment centres and online.

Your individual pathway customized by our clinical experience and current clinical standards.

We care.

Team HEALEN personalizes your program from more than 2500 videos

Pain can affect your whole being

High success rates in the treatment of more than 10.000 patients with chronic pain conditions in our treatment centres.

What clients say About Us

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I had fallen on my right arm. There were pain and some muscle injury. With video sessions of physiotherapy and periodic online doctor consultation, I have improved and my arms movements are nearly normal. I highly appreciate the systematic approach taken in my treatment by the physiotherapy treatment of CloudPhysio.

Dr. Suresh

I had some problems with my neck and my shoulders and all through my lower back. I went into comprehensive treatment with the team of doctors & physiotherapist here. Now, I am really feeling much more relaxed. The tensions have gone and now, I am trying to really stabilize and strengthen my muscles with some exercises. So, thank you very much!

Ms. Christiana

52 years old, Osnat is a mountain hiking enthusiast. She was suffering from acute knee pain and was depressed. She met our team of doctor and physiotherapist who treated her with CloudPhysio sessions. Now, she has climbed the Himalayas independently, without any support. 

Ms. Osnat

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